Providing the best security services available, attracting, developing and motivating a professional work force. Maintaining a leading edge in operational capabilities. Demonstrating pride and professionalism in all our actions.
Seeking long-term relationships with our clients.
Emphasising sound initial ongoing training. Increasing the productivity of personnel at all levels within Shearforce Security.


In a global business environment the management of risk and the provision of security are open to constant scrutiny by government and non-governmental organisations, the media and the general public at large.

By nature, the business of risk can directly or indirectly border on the line that might be considered right or wrong.

SHEARFORCE Security Services (UK) Ltd, is a highly ethical company that addresses to a strict code of conduct; we operate within U.K laws. We regularly work hand- in-hand with the authorities or governing bodies.

we are accredited by:

Shearforce Security Services (UK) Limited is a registered SIA Approved Contractor, holding ACS Approval for provision of Security Guarding.